ѱȯ ǰ 뷮 Ĺ ָ Ǿ 鿪ɰȭ, ҿݰ , ݷ׷, ۿ, ׻ȭɰ ׹̷ ִ ǰԴϴ.
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Shipping fee   15¥
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Product Refund Policy
Shipping Information
Products are shipped via courier, and you can expect to receive your item within 5-7 days after dispatch.
Exchange/Return Procedure
Please leave detailed information under "Order/Delivery Inquiry > Confirmation/Review" or contact our customer service via "1:1 Inquiry Board." After verification by the administrator, we will handle your request accordingly. (Please note that each product may have a different dispatch location, so please refer to this when exchanging or returning items.)
Return/Exchange Period
Exchanges and returns are possible within 7 days of delivery completion, and within 14 days if there is a defect or discrepancy with the product.
Return/Exchange Costs
If you choose to return the item due to a change of mind or purchasing error, the return shipping fee will be the customer's responsibility (unless a designated courier service is specified). In the case of free shipping or conditional free shipping, the initial shipping fee plus the return shipping fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

However, additional shipping charges may apply for deliveries to remote areas, mountainous regions, and for installation/overseas delivery items, in addition to the standard shipping fee. 

If you wish to exchange an item, please check the round-trip shipping fee and enclose it in the box before sending it back. 

- Generally, it's 5,000 CNY, but it may vary depending on the product.
- A refund may be processed if the item is out of stock. 

Return/Exchange Policy Guide - In case of damaged/incorrect items or defects
- If components of the purchased product are missing (stickers, sets, gifts, etc.)
- If you wish to return the item because you ordered it incorrectly or simply do not like it, it must arrive within 14 days from the date of receipt and the item must be undamaged. (In this case, the incurred expenses are your responsibility)
- Other compensation such as exchanges, refunds, and compensation for product defects are subject to the Consumer Damage Compensation Regulations of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.


Policy Guide

- If the product is damaged or if the product packaged in plastic is damaged,
- For products received more than 14 days ago,
- When returning a product, please make sure to include any related gifts (including packing materials provided by the publisher, etc.) in the package for a refund to be processed.
- In cases where the value of the product has significantly decreased due to the passage of time or difficulty in reselling the product.
Exchange/Return Procedure
1) Write the name of the item and the reason for return on the customer inquiry 1:1 board, then send it via courier or other means.
2) Return Address: Return to the address of the purchase (Please note that this shopping mall has different shipping locations for each product, so please refer to it when exchanging or returning.)
3) Write down the order number of the returned item and the bank account number for refund on a memo and include it with the return package. (If there is a memo, the return process can be expedited.)

- Returns are not accepted for set items with torn vinyl packaging.
- When packaging the product, please make sure to include any related bonus items (including provided packaging and giveaway items) to be eligible for a refund.

Account number guide

When making a bank transfer, please use the following account.

  • - Bank : KB
  • - Account : 350601-04-343338783
  • - Holder : ()ȸ

Customer service guide

  • Weekdays : 10:00 ~ 18:00
  • Lunch : 12:00 ~ 13:00
  • Saterday, Holiday Day off


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